Is it worth it for me to travel? ($$ discussed)

  1. Travel nursing is something I've been interested in for a long time, but I've not made the leap yet. I've been talking to a couple of recruiters about taking an assignment at the first of the year. It will be closer to home, at least 50 miles away but no more than 150. My intention is to travel there for my three days to work, staying in a hotel if it's too far to come home, then home the other four days. Here is my dilemma.

    I work in a very nice, small town hospital. Everyone here is super nice and the workload is great. I've been here four years, at first full time, but now PRN. I can pretty much work as little or as much as I want to. If I work three nights a week, I bring home about $1800 in two weeks, because my rate is $32/hour. The hospital is two miles from my house.

    The #1 reason I want to travel right now is to make more thinking is that I can work 13 weeks and save enough to take a month off between every assignment. After reading another forum, however, I am unsure whether I will be able to make enough money to make it worth my while. Being away from my children for three days a week, driving a long distance to work, and possibly a heavier workload and/or hostile coworkers...I think I will need to net at least $1500/week for it to be worth it. Is this kind of income possible with travel nursing? Or am I better off in my nice hospital two miles from home, with my $32/hour rate and coworkers and managers I love?

    I have 12 years nursing experience, and my field is L&D, if that makes a difference.

    (By the way, the #2 reason I want to travel is to shake things up and possibly love nursing again, as I've gotten quite bored.)
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    Financially you probably will not come out ahead by traveling. The only suggestion I can make that might benefit you financially is, if you do not need benefits (if covered under spouse's insurance, etc.) would be to check out the rates at some of the area hospitals for per diem nurses. The rate for per diem is higher as no benefits are taken out. Keep in mind though that per diem and agency are usually the first low censused for any shift - before travelers.