Information on Access nurse agency??

  1. Has anyone had any dealings with Access travel agency? Thank you.
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  3. by   babynurselsa
    I have talked to one of their recruiters. They are one of the lowest paying agencies I have ever talked to. They offered me LESS than my core staff position.
  4. by   KristyEDrn
    I've talked to a recruiter about going to CA and with housing/pay, etc he was saying I'd get about 42/hr.
  5. by   texastraveler
    Quote from KristyEDrn
    I've talked to a recruiter about going to CA and with housing/pay, etc he was saying I'd get about 42/hr.
    You should be able to get around $40/hr PLUS housing,etc..... especially in CA. CA pays 1 1/2 after 8 hrs, if you work 12/hr shifts, you should be able to make around $60/hr for the last 4 hrs.
  6. by   KristyEDrn
    HOLY COW! WOW...thank you! I have been reading this site for hours a day trying to make sure I ask the right questions, get the fair rate, etc. I truly appreciate your response!
  7. by   tdr61
    I'm just finishing my first contract with Access pay rate is $32/hr not including the furnished apartment. I'm in southern California but the pay rates further north are closer to the $40/hr range the last time I checked with my recruiter. One thing alot of nurses who have never traveled aren't aware of is the fact that they can negotiate their hourly rate. Depending on the area of the country I'm traveling to will usually determine the hourly rate that I negotiate for. Good luck!
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  8. by   KristyEDrn
    See that just burns me up. They have always told me that they can't do anything about the hourly but with all of the extras is where the money is. EERG
  9. by   tdr61
    The negotiations are not only about the hourly but the extra's as well. I've been traveling in southern California for the last three years so the travel reimbursement isn't a big issue for me, I'd rather have another dollar or two on my hourly than take a travel reimbursement, etc. My recruiter knows up front that I won't take less than $30/hr so she doesn't even notify me hospitals that aren't paying at least that much. It also depends on what area of California you're looking to travel to. For example, San Diego pays the lowest rates in the state and the highest rates can be found in the northern part of the state. But then again the cost of living is astronomical in that area so you have to look at the whole picture. Here's an example, currently I'm working with a traveler from a different agency...she pulls in $2800/mth for a housing allowance. I use the housing benefit by having my agency arrange for a furnished one-bedroom apartment. My hourly is $32/hr...her's is $21/hr. One day we sat down and calculated who was "ahead of the game" and it turned out that our overall pay...benefits and all...was with $100 of each other. It really all depends on what "extra's" are important to you and whichs one's aren't.
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