I'm freaking out!!!

  1. I am ready to begin traveling to California in mid March through MSN. I am currently on assignment in Easton, Pennsylvania. This is my first travel assignment and so far so good. My only complaint is my communication with my recruiter. I just called her today and told her that i would like her to start searching for CA nusing assignments. I took the initiative to start filling out the license application myself. Well, my recruiter just told me that it has been taking about four months for California liscenses to be processed!!!!!!!!! Also, I believe that I am inelligable to do a "walk in" application due to a stupid DUI conviction(which is now expunged)that i recieved while i was a college student. Has anyone else had any problems with the long application process. I am really getting freaked!
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  3. by   Misty1
    Isn't California one of the compact states? Where do you hold a liecense now?
  4. by   CowsRGreat
    Whats a compact state? I currently have my license in PA.
  5. by   KatieBell
    California and PA are not compact states. It is true that if you are not eligible for a walkthrough type of permit, it can take quite a while to get a license in CA because apparently they still process eveything by hand....

    Compact states- If you work a temporary assignment in a compact state you do not have to change your license, there is a reciprocity agreement. However, this only works if you are resident of a compact state. For example, my tax home is PA. I hold a NC license it is only valid for NC. If I move to NC permanently, I will then have a valid license for several other states, as long as my tax home stays in NC. If I move to another compact state (VA for example) I will have to get a VA license. The compact is great for travelers who live in compact states.
  6. by   Misty1
    Thank you for that clarification. I was mistaken I thought if you had a liecense from a compact state you could use it anywhere. Luckily I live in a state that is compact... but if I lived 2 miles south I would