How much experience needed

  1. to be a travel nurse? How does it work? Can you stay within a certain state? stay within a metroplex? How much control do you have over contracts? Thanks
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  3. by   ChrisMMS
    1)You need 1-2 years of recent floor experience in the specialty you plan to travel in.
    2)You can stay in a certain state if you'd like, but you open yourself up to more money and contracts if you are flexible with locations.
    3)You have control over contracts before you sign them, you get to decide what you are looking for and what you want. Keep in mind the more specifics you have the harder it maybe to find you a contract or the pay maybe lower. However, a lot of things like block scheduling can be addressed during your interview with the nurse manager. Once you sign the contract you don't have much wiggle room, make sure that everything is correct before signing a contract.