How do you handle bills without direct deposit?

  1. Hi Board;

    I will be traveling to AZ from WI in 1 month. I own my own home and have house payments, car payments etc. taken directly out of my checking. Where I am going, there isn't a branch of my bank, and they don't have direct deposit. Do you suggest changing banks to a National one, i.e. Wells Fargo (very few WF's in my "home" region), and transfering all the "auto-deduct" paperwork to the new account?, or hiring someone to pay my bills/etc while I'm gone? (about 4 months)..what works for you guys? Thanks!! Judy
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  3. by   Sylv
    I think I would mail my check back to my bank for deposit rather than going through the hassle of changing banks and setting up all those direct withdrawals again. Do you have a cushion, maybe 2 to 4 weeks worth of money in the account in case the mails are slow or something gets lost? Some banks have an automatic overdraw protection that you don't pay for unless you use it, that would provide some protection as well.
  4. by   TinyNurse
    It depends.........
    If you plan on traveling for a while, i'd get a new bank that is in most states. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and I don't know of any other nationwide banks.

    Your travel company CAN do direct deposit to your own bank though, no matter what state it's in. You will have a hard time finding a branch, or using an ATM without a fee, but your money will still be in your account for direct withdrawls, or online banking.
  5. by   Misty1
    Is it your company or your bank that doesn't do direct deposit?

    Just a thought how about opening an account for your direct deposit at a local bank and having it electronically transfered to your old bank in WI?