How do you get from assignment to assigment?

  1. Do you drive your own car? How does this work for insurance. Do you just keep your insurance in your home state? Do the travel companies pay for your gas? Do you ship your car? How much does this cost?? Or do you fly out? I live on the east coast and plan on travelling out to CA. I have an explorer right now and cant really imagine driving 7000 cross country with gas prices the way they are. not to mention all the mileage id be putting on it! how do you handle this if your travelling far? Thanks!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    The company I worked for (and this was some years ago) reimbursed us for the cost of a one way plane ticket from our home to the destination hospital. That was their policy. I was told that if I wanted to drive, I would still get the cost of the plane ticket and it was my choice to drive, not theirs. Since I was driving that was the money I got for the trip. No mileage or gas allowance. Travel expenses had to come out of that cost of the plane ticket. That may have changed over time, so other recent travelers may have something different to report.