Housing in Naples, Fort Myers, NCH, Lee

  1. If this is not allowed by the moderators, I understand. I have a 2 BR/ 2.5 bath condo 30 min from NCH north and 10 min from GCMC and HP, 20 min from LMH. I would like to rent it out to a seasonal RN. I am an RN too, but I have my own house. I need to get this rented! Great location with pool, tennis court, covered parking, very safe area. Close to everything you need. Asking $1500/month. I would like a 6 month lease, however, will consider shorter time frame.
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  3. by   Sarmea Moon
    1) Most travel contracts are 13 weeks with a possibility of extension, so you might not get anyone to agree to 6 months.

    2) You should also consider posting to the Travel Gypsy group on Facebook- 20,000 members in group.
  4. by   Peaches8144
    The hospitals around here rarely, if ever, use travellers. The 3 major systems, Lee, NCH and PR have their own travel nurse programs in place and they have 4- 6 month contracts. Thanks anyway.
  5. by   NedRN
    Those are travelers! Whether they work for an agency or direct is irrelevant. Few hospitals with seasonal programs try to supply all the housing, so you are not wrong to try.

    Advertising on Craigslist and checking housing wanted ads there will help. There are also medical housing specialists such as Travelers Haven, Med Temp Housing, Furnished Finders, and Travel Housing Pro. Listing your condo with them should be a sure thing. You can also list your housing with the staffing dept of those hospitals. They likely maintain a list to share with seasonal workers.