housing in Hilo, Hawaii

  1. Will be going to Hilo soon and was wondering what others are doing or have done regarding housing. I'm with Medical Staffing Solutions and they provide a furnished place but would still like to hear others housing situations.
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  3. by   mint_julep7
    i have known some people that take the stipend and find a roommate on craig's list. of course you never know who you might end up with. there is a hostel downtown if you wanted to stay there until you decided if you wanted to take furnished housing?
  4. by   Diva7332
    I've been on assignment in Hilo for a total of almost 9 months; first I let my company find me housing, which was fine, but I knew they were paying almost triple what I would if I had of found my own. I found a place on craigslist....worked out pretty well. PM me if you need more info!
  5. by   HiloTM
    A small guesthouse downtown. 808 381-7390