Highway Hypodermics rankings

  1. Are these rankings legit?
    (I think Valley is #1 this year)
    I just want to make sure this website isn't really an ad paid for by the travel nurse companies to get themselves on the list!

    I assume most people shop around and talk to recruiters at a few different companies, right?

    When most travelers start to travel, do they tend to stick with the same company or switch for their next assignment?
    I can see how it'd be good for continuity to stick with the same recruiter, your benefits would be contiguous etc.
    But different companies probably have different contracts available so I can see how it's good to keep in contact with a few recruiters at a time and switch companies depending on which contract you want/get.
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  3. by   RN_travlr
    I use multiple agencies. The recruiters that are good at their job dont care if you use multiple agencies. The ones that arent so good will get offended and tell you a bunch of crap about getitng double submitted...its bull. I have one recruiter I cant stand...I dont know why im even still considering them cuz I know I couldnt work with her thru a contract...(writing that has just made it even more obvious to me that I need to pull out of that company)
    What gets me with these agencies is no one wants to pay anything travel expenses up front. So your out of pocket for two weeks. One agency did daily pay which then helped but two weeks with no pay plus hotel etc...just doesnt seem right. If anyone knows anything different let me know please.
  4. by   bagladyrn
    I've met the person who started Highway Hypodermics - a traveler. Unless things have changed in the past few years it was done by an individual, not a corporation.
  5. by   IdahoNurse
    [QUOTE=adpiRN;6194156]Are these rankings legit?

    Yes they are legit, I believe. States that the rankings are generated by the company benefits, provided by the companies, and travel company evaluations, which are provided by traveling nurses.

    I personally take a contract with any of the Top Ten!
  6. by   79Tango
    I dont trust it because they take advertising $$ from all the big companies. Most of which have marketing departments who advertise in non-traditional ways, such as posting on social media and upping google searches.

    Im also a conspiracy theorist so I think everything is a scam!