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  1. Hey y'all! Looking to travel in the beginning of next year and was wondering what everything thought about the agency NurseRX. I can't find any of their listings on Gypsy Nurse which made me super nervous. I am looking for a wide variety of assignments with good pay and trustworthy recruiters. Thank you in advance!!
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  3. by   NedRN
    Back in the 1990's, NursesRX had a horrible reputation with travelers (probably none worse at the time). They were purchased by American Mobile (now the largest agency) I think in the late 1990's and are now virtually indistinguishable from any other of American Mobile brands. AM has some sort of differentiation between their brands but I no longer know what it is. Used to be like higher pay at some, or rapid response, or service. But they all have access to the exact same jobs, and some recruiters will work in the same office for more than one brand. So a little strange.

    Just look at reviews for AM and you will have a good idea. However, don't pay much attention to them. Super large agencies have more negative reviews because they have many more travelers and you can't please everyone. There are some bad small agencies that are apparently OK because there are so few travelers that no one posts good or bad on social media.

    You can google travel nurse agency reviews and get some good links, but one of the best is buried deep. In addition to FB, try Travel Nurse Central. There will be many more useful reviews than FB I'd bet. But you still have to take the glowing reviews (often written by recruiters - on FB as well), and the bad reviews (sometimes written by travelers with anger issues and are terminated by hospitals) with many grains of salt. Ignore all sites that list the "best" agencies. They are useful only as a starting point if you don't know where to begin, but a google search of travel nurse agencies will be just as good for those larger agencies that tend to go to the top of such lists.