Has this happened to you?

  1. My last three assignments have all happened rather rapidly, and housing has not been in place at two of them. The one exception has been in Greenville, NC, where my company apparently doesn't let you move into an apartment until you pass the dreaded PBDS.

    In the first case, the management of the apartment complex I was to move into changed hands right before I got there and everything was fouled up. It turned out to be a not-very-pleasant experience all the way around as the place had been let go way downhill since my company had used it the previous year. This time the place I was supposed to move into apparently didn't have any vacancies. I'm in extended stay which is okay though small and lacking some amenities. Today my housing agent called and said they had a possibility they thought I ought to look at. I was dubious because it was even farther from the hospital than I already am, but I went to see anyway. When I got there the agent acted as if she didn't know anything about it and told me they had nothing. I know I am in a college town and it's September, but what gives? The company I'm with has always had the reputation among travelers of providing great housing. I'm beginning to wonder if any company really does.
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    This has happened to me a couple of times-(housing being difficult to find, not the agent not knowing I was coming) when I went to an area that was going into it's "season". I don't mind checking out places as well as long as I have my housing coordinator's agreement to immediately arrange rental if I find something. I've called her while standing on the porch of a house and handed the phone right over to the rental agent.
    The longest I have been in a hotel was 2 weeks and at that time I insisted they compensate me for having to eat out at every meal, which they did.