Got this idea to travel nurse, and then.....

  1. I read hundreds of threads from this site. You see, I am somewhat limited in my experiences, despite being and RN for 14yrs. I've been ANCC certified for 10 yrs in Mental Health Nursing and have done Physical Medicine & Rehab for the past 5yrs. Had a few short (6 mo. or less) experiences in areas of ICU, Hospice, OR (mainly ortho), Occupational Health and Long Term Care. So my true areas of competency and comfort are the first two listed. Knowing this, and after reading all of these posts, doesnt seem logical or even practical that I could "cut it" in the travel world, especially after reading about floating, the infamous PBDS, orientation periods and the overall expectations for a travel nurse. I respect all of you who do this exciting realm of nursing and your opinions will be valued greatly. I have this internal unrest about where I live (Michigan, Burrrr!), my current job(lifting heavy pts that cant control their body secretions), being single/lonely and bored to death (social life sucks on 2nd shift) and I simply love travel (cant wait until next vacation). I realize my skills are rather basic....IV's, TF's, Trach's, Complex dressings, Wound Vac's and the like but a co-worker who is very encouraging says I can work any med-surg unit and to go for it! Anyone willing to help me out with this burning desire of mine?
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  3. by   oMerMero
    My advice would be to call a few of the travel companies and see if they have travel assignments for rehab or psych units. Those are units I never asked about because I work ICU, but there might be assignments available--you never know until you ask. Most psych units will not float you to a med-surg unit.
  4. by   thegreenmile
    Thanks omermero, I have contacted a few agencies in the past, but I wondered how reliable the recruiters are, I know the experienced travel nurse wont steer me wrong. Was wondering if assignments would be plentiful or if I'd be begging for a pay check, if locations would be really limited, these are important issues because I am my only source of income, I plan to maintain my home in Michigan and if you've seen the weather channel lately, you see why location is important, seeking a pleasant, warm and interesting environment with some sun and beautiful water.
  5. by   oMerMero
    My recruiter was great. You can ask them how many travel assignments they have open at the moment, and they should tell you. Try giving them a call, and ask where they have pych assignments...if they can name specific hospitals, I would tend to believe them. If they say they can get you "anywhere you want" I would question it.
  6. by   nsFAMU
    I think that you will do great in med-surg with 14 years of experience. I'm on my first ER travel assignment and the day that I started I had exactly 1yr and 2days of experience. It's going great so far! Nursing is nursing and you can never be expected to know everything. I just ask questions when I dont know but even the people who have been at the hospital a while still have to ask questions! Besides, you wont be the first traveler or the last and there will be other ones there with you. I think you should take the chance! I was scared but I didnt want to spend the rest of my life wondering, what if?....So I packed up my car and drove from Florida to Missouri and I don't even know one person in this whole state! I got a little homesick but I'm already thinking about where I'm going next.
  7. by   thegreenmile
    Thanks nsFAMU for your encouragement. I dont know about some of these recruiters. I dont think that all of them are looking out for our best interests. I happened to research a facility that came recommended by a recruiter and was appauld to see that he would have sent me to such a deplorable, delapitated, decrepit State Hospital on my first assignment! :angryfire Good thing I did my homework. Now I'm REALLY hesitant.