getting licenses in other states

  1. i am currently trying to apply for licenses in california, new york ,and new jersey. the instructions on these sites are confusing to me and getting in contact with them is difficult. if anyone has applied for licenses in these states i would very much appreciate any info on what you had to do to apply. i currently am only licensed in alabama.thanks,joanne strider
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  3. by   Spiderella
    Yeah, each BON makes it completely confusing. Of the states listed, I only have a Cali license, and I got this before the new restrictions.

    Since you have your license originally from AL, you are eligible for licensure by endorsement from all the other states. This means that you do not have to retake the NCLEX, the states just have to verify that your license in AL is in good standing. Unfortunately, you cannot do this online since AL is not a member of the NURSYS system. You will have to apply using the mail in form for each state. NJ and NY I believe are compact states, which means if you get a license in one, you can work in the other one with the same license, no problem. The only loophole here is that your original state of licensure must be a compact state as well (not sure if AL is).

    You will have to mail your application form, fees, transcripts from your school, and a release from the BON in AL to the states you are requesting. They will process this, and then give you either a temp license (which is effective immediately for up to 90days), or a permanent license. CA now reviews transcripts, and if you do not have the educational requirements, they might not give you a perm license until you have all the courses necessary. You also have to do the LiveScan fingerprinting, which crosschecks your prints against the criminal database.

    Usually, your recruiter can walk you through the details. Hope this clarifies it a little bit more.
  4. by   davebigs
    Re: Quickest way to get temp or license by endorsement for Cali
    OK, here is what you need to do. I did this a couple months ago, so it is the latest info. You have to travel to Cali to do the fingerprints, this is the live-scan version and can only be done in Cali. You can go to any city in Cali. Its either going to be at a sheriff office or a regular PD. There is a list of places that do it and how much they charge on the Cali board's website. you will need to do the fingerprints about two weeks before you visit the board in Sacramento. This is the only way to get the Cali license fast. Give me a shout if you have further questions.
  5. by   hotbutta RN
    I recently applied for a California License. You can go to one of the local law enforcement agencies in your community preferably the State Police. The State police have the proper fingerprint card. Fingerprints do not have to be done in California. If you use live scan it has to be done in California, but you can send your finger prints to the California Board of Nursing if they are done by law enforcement on the appropriate fingerprint card.
  6. by   GalRN
    I also recently (1/2010) got my license there. says that the secret is to do your app onine regardless of what it says on their website. Get your livescan done. I was told to use the PD's but they told me to go to a UPS store. Best to call and ask if they offer that service though, I had to got to 3 different stores before I found one that did it.
    2 days after you get scanned you call the board (someone answers eventually) and ask if your results are in. Call every day until they have the results. When that is taken care of show up with the other paperwork and passport photo. You will most likely get the license within 24 hrs. It's posted online so you don't need to go pick it up.
    I wish I'd known that, my recruiter said to do live scan and then to go to Sacramento to pick up the license. I submitted my pprwork but had to wait 7 days for the livescan results to clear. PIA!
    Wish I'd known that prior. My recruiter has the correct info now.