Future Traveler, some questions

  1. Hi. I have 3 months of "med/surg" under my belt after graduating in May and passing in July. I am considering leaving my current place of employment so I can get some ICU experience and other reasons. Would it be better to have ICU experience along with the med/surg? WIll it look bad in the future that I only stayed with my first employer for 3 months? I have always wanted to do ICU, but there were no positions at my current facility. There are many positions at other places in my area. Do you think I will be able to travel next September with 3-4 months med/surg and 9-10 months ICU? Are ICU positions more in demand than med/surg? Thanks to all that reply!
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  3. by   ERRNTraveler
    ICU positions are more in demand for travelers than med/surg, but you will not be able to work in ICU as a traveler until you have a LEAST 1 year of experience in ICU, but most hospitals will require 2 years of ICU experience before hiring you....
  4. by   Conqueror+
    As a taveler you WANT that year under your belt before you go and it will still be and adjustment. I understand your excitement to go. I left on my first assignment almost one year to the day after graduation. If you go to a high needs area they will forget all about their desire for two years of experience because they are desperate.