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  1. Hi there,

    I am a California RN who loves the ER. I have my BSN, CEN, TNCC, ACLS, PALS and... I think that is it for now. I currently have two ER jobs locally and I have always had a hunger to do travel nursing but I am nervous to get started. Currently in my community we have 7 hospitals, 4 of which are all the same company which I currently work full time for, leaving 3 hospitals, one which I work per diem and the other two are near to impossible to get hired on (union). I own my own home and family is here as well. For starters my biggest fear is that if I leave my current jobs to do travel nursing and things do not pan out... I would be limited to the opportunities local to work. As many of us know there is no longer a nursing shortage and my per diem job is laying nurses off left and right for budgetary reasons and my full time job there are hundreds of applicants applying daily for limited positions.

    Secondly, what company is the best? Everyone says that California is where the money is and although I would like to travel and get to see more places, of course I still need to make money as I own my own home and such.

    It would be wonderful to find a travel buddy RN as well who would like to go with me, and as seen in previous posts it can be difficult.

    I am open and eager for the opportunity however I am nervous and scared to get started. If anyone has recommendations for companies, and words of advice, as well as someone who is also looking for a travel RN buddy, please let me know!
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  3. by   BluntForceTrauma
    Being that you are from CA, you probably won't find traveling as lucrative as your full time jobs, even if you take the housing stipends.