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  1. Can someone suggest a good first time traveler company? I'm really having a hard time getting a first assignment. Thanks.
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  3. by   Truckee
    Narrow it down some.

    What are you really looking for? Pay, location, hours? Family, have a perm home, looking for a perm home?

    Read everything you can; here and the other boards/blogs out there. There is good and bad in every post, message, article; you will be able to tell.

    "" is a pretty good site, free subscription for most of the info, paid subscription for the rest. Of course you know about "", I have read through just over half of the posts on the travelers section.

    To your questions then. Travel companies will have different benefits that may or may not fit what you need. " has a company review posting which will get you a good feel for what you might get from the "company".

    Ultimate List Of Travel Companies And Their Benefits!
    Travel Company Evaluations

    I took those lists and started from the top, even some of best companies just did not fit what I was looking for, and just to be contrary I have been working with CCTC (not well liked here) and have been pleased (they can get you in to hospitals others can not).

    Recruiters are a different story. You should be talking to 3-4 different companies, and so, 3-4 different recruiters. They are looking for a paycheck and should be working to place you. If they aren't placing you there are probably 2 things going on 1) they are not working hard enough or 2) you are missing some skill set/certification that is needed. If it is #1 get rid of them nicely and move on. If it is #2 your recruiter should know and should have told you. If they do know and they have not told you see #1 above.

    You will have a tough time having someone recommend a travel company for you, a lot of variables (see above) and it is kind of frowned upon. Once you get 15 posts you can send a PM and if asked you will get a lot of responses.

    More about you. How many companies have you tried? What is your specialty? How long have you been a nurse? Where are you looking, state, location? What are your must haves?

    I'll keep an eye on this post and help out when able.

    Good luck
  4. by   NedRN
    Great post!
  5. by   ncnursie

    Thanks for your help. I am a med surg nurse with 5 years experience. I am working with three companies right now..and let me tell you I know all about highway hypodermics. I feel like I did so much research to narrow it down to three companies (Valley, Flexcare and Freedom) but I have not been able to get a job in about a month! That seems kind of crazy to me. All of these companies seem great though and the recruiters and really nice, but I need a job now. I have excellent references and good job skills, so not sure what is the problem. I would like to go to major cities (Austin, Las Vegas, Boston, etc.) just not California yet. I really don't have any must haves at this point, except I must have a job. I will try other companies I suppose.
  6. by   Truckee
    You are right, there are not many med surg jobs out there. I'm an ED nurse and there are plenty of jobs.

    Sounds like you have done your home work, you have picked some good companies and talked to the right people.

    Before you add another company go to "" sign up if you haven't. Look at or search for the posting on large agencies. Short and to the point yet most of the info has little bearing on the first time traveler. One or two sentences talks about exclusive contracts/hospitals for these larger companies (they control a large percentage of the travel market).

    Now you are ready to add a large company.

    Look at the posting mentioned above. Third paragraph mentions 2 companies, search their web site, they will have a job for you (be a little flexible, search by region not just state).

    The fourth paragraph is very true, be nice if at all possible.

    The fifth paragraph is very true, especially if they have a job for you.

    Good luck again.
  7. by   HollywoodDiva
    Great post Truckee!!!