First time traveler looking for are with highest pays and most available overtime

  1. Hi Im looking for some info from you seasoned travelers I will soon be starting my first assignment interested in some insight into the highest paying locations and those hospitals that allow you lot of overtime looking to make a lot of money in a short time would appreciate input on this much needed info thanks Debbie
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  3. by   fiestynurse
    Just DO NOT take any assignment at an organization where the nurses are on strike!!! The fact that you were a SCAB, will haunt you for the rest of your life! You will never be able to forgive yourself!!
    It's not worth the $$$$$$

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  4. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by DKlaker:
    <STRONG>Hi Im looking for some info from you seasoned travelers I will soon be starting my first assignment interested in some insight into the highest paying locations and those hospitals that allow you lot of overtime looking to make a lot of money in a short time would appreciate input on this much needed info thanks Debbie </STRONG>
    I would suggest you post on, and go to the "Traveling Nurses and Therapists" forum. Lots of excellent travel information, from seasoned travelers on that site. Be prepared to wade through a lot of agencies, before you pick a few you would be interested in. Don't just sign with one agency, and make sure you read all the fine print, and get detailed answers in writing first, before you sign on the dotted line.


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  5. by   RN2Bn2003
    Even tho I am not a nurse yet I went ahead and emailed one of the travel companies and asked them why they dont post the pay that goes with the job. Well the reply I got was shocking. He told me that NO NURSE EVER asked how much they were suppose to make and that since I was inquiring about the pay I would not be a very good nurse for the patients. Now tell me how many of you nurses do not ask about the pay and the perks efore you decide to take the job. I know this is a compassionate profession, but we too have bills to pay. I responded back to him that i did not like the way we was talking to me and wondered what would happen if his boss had read the email that he sent to me. The pay and the perks are going to be the first thing I inquire about. Why would I go somewhere else than near my home to make less money? What a moron. I wish I could remember the name of the company but I cannot.
  6. by   ornurse2001
    I am going to travel with GlobalRN.Most assignments pay $35/hr, some $30/hr.-not strikes.Also give you free private furnished housing and other benefits.They have a web
  7. by   osiris7
    The companies don't always make it clear that the hospitals are having labor difficulties. I'd just ask whichever company you're with which hospitals are paying the most. These days it seems like the highest paying places are in California, esp. the bay area.
  8. by   mkaren73
    I work at a hospital in San Diego, California and I have to disagree with one of the postings. I do not make much at all. I do get a housing subsidy but as far as my hourly wage, I only make $23.00 an hour and I live in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. Don't automatically assume that you will be paid well just because of the state you take an assignment in. It really depends on the hospital.
  9. by   kdm05
    Many first time travelers (and some old timers too) do not understand how the money side of traveling works. I would like to explain since there are alot of companies out here taking advantge of nurses. There are two ways to bill a client, one on a standard contract which covers every person you place for a designated contract period. The other is on an individual basis, which gives the recruiter the opportunity to look at housing costs, insurance costs, and pay rates at the time of the contract.

    Once this is established, there are two pots of money. One for the company, one for the traveler. Larger companies obviously have more overhead, but do better on volume discounts for things like insurance. Small companies have more latitude in profit margins and less commissions to pay.

    Find out how much is in your pot! Ask your recruiter how much your rate is with nothing - no housing, no insurance, etc. Then add those items on one at a time and see what your rate is. You can then see how much YOU are paying for housing, insurance, etc.

    Realize that most traveling recruiters use the internet to obtain housing. We use apartment locators much like the free books you can find in any grocery store. These apartments are generally highend. We use local rental agencies for furniture, again high cost.

    You need to make the decision about spending YOUR money. Do you want a highend apartment with rental furniture or would you be happy with a smaller apartment, a Walmart futon and a couple of towels from home and a higher hourly payrate. Most agencies are looking at $12-$20/per hour for these expenses.

    I hope you get the idea. And I hope this helps some of you to understand why rates differ so much in this industry. My best suggestion is to get with a recruiter who cares not one who considers you just another traveler.
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  10. by   NursenDad
    To all my colleagues out there...I just went with a company called Medical Solutions I'm heading to sunny Florida and got a nice increase in pay ($38 per hour). They're paying for my housing and car, paying per diem pay, and my 401(k) and medical benefits kick in immediately. Actually, I wish I would have made the leap two years ago. I'll make more money in three months than I would have made in 4.5 months as a traveler!
  11. by   annaturtle
    Dear Nurse , I am new to the post today and would like to ask a question** When I worked per diem, I was canceled alot!!! Do you have hours written in stone???? Good luck!! annaturtle

  12. by   NursenDad
    Annaturtle, my hourly rate and shift are written in my contract. I'll receive per diem pay above and beyond my rate for food everyday. Basically, I was told the IRS sets the limit on what can be paid as per diem pay (tax free) and it depends on which city you're working in.

    Hope this helps!
  13. by   radarfirs
    The question about money is almost the last thing to talk about in a job application, .... it is during the "We want You" part. One of the best books to explain this is called "Anatomy of a job search" it is written by an RN for RNs it is about 4 yrs old, needs some updating. I have been in nursing since mid 70s and it helped me. For a new (Future?) rn it will help alot.
  14. by   RNnlovinit
    I have been traveling for 7 years. I have traveled with many different companies and I think I know them all. I am what is considered a seasoned traveler. So first, let me tell you what I know. If you are not making the equivelant of $47-$52.00 hour then you are getting gyped! If they are giving you "FREE" housing you are really paying for it. Those agencies that give "FREE housing" are usually only paying $29.00 - $32.00 an hour. If you were making $32.00 an hour you would only be taking home approximately $291.84 for a 12 hour shift. You should be taking home $375 or more per SHIFT!!! I average take home after taxes of $423.00 per 12 hour shift. I would rather see that money in my pocket. WHen I work I work for straight take home money, then if I work extra shifts I am pocketing all that money, it's not going to my "housing". I also want benefits like insurance and 401K, but not everyone needs that. I would never do anything but travel nursing. I earn over $100,000 per year doing this and work when I want to work, and where I want to work. And, I am respected by my company and treated very well. But, then I do know the ropes. I am not dazzled by phoney fringes that come out of my paycheck. I am happy with the company I am with now.