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  1. I just started my assignement and I am two weeks in and the hospital called and cancelled one of my shifts. They then offered me two days later in the week to make it up. However I already made arrangments to be out of town and everything is non refundable, so I would lose the money if I did not go. I called my agency and they said I am not required to take the shift, but I would be docked 1/3 of my money for the week for my apartment. I explained the senario and they told me I could make it up in two weeks and get reimburesed, but the hospital will not let me work a fourth shift in a week because of overtime. I was wondering if this is common becuase it makes me feel like I can make no plans once I see my work schedule becasue they could just cancel me and get me to work another day whenever they want. Any help would be much appreicated, I would just like to know if this is a commmon policy among other agencies, or if it is just the one I am working with. Thanks
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  3. by   stayseerrn
    Double check with your contract, but if the FACILITY cancels you, then you are not responsible for reimbursing your company for the unearned housing. You do not get paid for that cancelled shift, but you don't get docked the housing benefit that you didn't earn. Hang on to all of your receipts and proof of travel plans (including dates that you purchased your tickets / reservations), that will give you more ammo when trying to fight for your right to not have to pay the unearned housing. So, just because the facility cancels your regularly scheduled shift, you are not required to be at their beck and call to make up the shift when the facility finds it convenient for them. If you have made yourself available to work your required shifts, and the facility chooses not to schedule you, then it should be the facility's problem and not yours. But, like I said, double check with your payroll / service center department, and hang on to your original schedule printed by the company and all of your receipts for your travel / reservations. Armed with those things, you should not be held responsible for your unearned housing expense.
  4. by   traumaqueen74
    Hi Matt,
    As Stayseeer wrote you, any reputable agency should NOT dock you for a cancelled shift! Some agencies still guarantee hours! I would look for another company (my 2 cents) that guarantees hours.
  5. by   MattD717
    Thanks for everyone's thoughts. The agency keeps telling me I have to take the shift they offered. They gurantee the hours, but apparently the hosptial can cancel as long as they offer me another shift that week to work. If they offer me the other shift, then the hours are not guaranteed. Thanks for your help, this will make me look long and hard at other angencies. I don't like having to be at the hospitals discresion AFTER my schedule has already been made for the month.