First Assignment

  1. I am going to Lake Jackson, TX for my first travel assignment. Has anyone had experience with Brazosport Hospital? I will be working Med/Tele and floating to ICU and ER. I'm getting really nervous because I leave in a week!
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  3. by   Beneficence
    God Bless on your assignment. I am sure all will go well. Just finishing my first. The BIGGEST adjustment is being homesick. I just go out and see and do things on my days off. I have been here 2 1/2 months and I feel like I know my way around very well and there are STILL things I have not done/seen yet. I will say a little prayer for ya!!! You will be fine!!
  4. by   foreverhope1965
    Thanks!! Where is your assignment? How long have you been a nurse?
    My family will be joining me in a month or so. It will be a long month!!
  5. by   GoingHome
    You will have to keep me posted. I was interested in going to that town, but I have heard that Texas staffing ratio's are horrible. I know from experience, each place is different, so don't worry. But let us know how things go.
    One thing that I had to remind myself from time to time was to be flexible. I thought that I was flexible until I started traveling. You will see that different parts of the country do things a lot different. Look at it as an interesting new experience vs critiquing their way. You'll learn a lot, and you may even be able to show them a short cut or too. Good luck:wink2: