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  1. I would like to start a thread here as a means of keeping a list of places we have traveled and would recommend to others. So please post what places you have enjoyed working at and a little bit of what you liked best. Thanks!

    1. Seattle Children's in Seattle. GREAT staff. Lots of interesting patients. Hospital is busy, but not too busy. Plus the city is amazing with tons of stuff to do, no matter your interests.

    2. San Mateo Medical Center, San Mateo, CA. The staff is what makes this hospital. County hospital, so lots of indigent patients, as well as ones being cleared for jail. It can be kinda busy and make you tired at the end of the day. However, the staff are so friendly and the Bay Area is so fabulous. You are close to San Francisco, like 30 minutes by car at the most, and yet still don't have to be in the middle of city traffic and congestion.
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  3. by   sexyaqr
    1. Johns Hopkins Hospital, MD. Loved the hospital. Great learning experience. Also loved the city of Baltimore

    2. New York Presbyterian-Columbia, NY. Staff is the absolute best. Really top of the line hospital. And of course, NYC is the best
  4. by   101st_LVN
    I've done inservices at NYP and Seattle Children's! They were both phenomenal facilities with extraordinary staff. I was a little shocked at how personable New Yorkers were.
  5. by   packtraveler06
    What a great idea!!!
    1. St. Johns hospital in Tulsa OK, great staff and the neuro/trauma ICU is busy with lots of interesting cases.
    2. St. Josephs hospital Milwaukee WI inner city hospital with very critical patients and awesome staff.
  6. by   gonzo1
    Parkland ER in Dallas. Amazing and wonderful staff. Dallas is cool. Great food. and the hospital has a micky Ds in it. Way to promote business for the cath lab.
  7. by   sjsch
    I really enjoyed Eisenhower in Rancho Mirage, CA. The Palm Springs desert area is great for exploring. The facility is 'well funded' by private donations... and that alone was a unique experience! The staff on the unit I worked was a blast! They were all so fun and funny, they were smart, and great team players. They enjoyed each other, and truly welcomed the travelers. They had going away parties for us when our contracts ended! wow : ) The unit manager was an effective leader.
    For nurses week, they included the travelers (rare!) and might I add, part of the special treats and treatments included a 30 minute relaxing massage in a spa like environment....WOW!
    I had to float to other units however, and they were not always so friendly...
    overall-favorite experience!

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