False assignments advertised

  1. I have found when surfing the various travel websites that there are assignments posted that I may be interested in. But when I contact my recruiter, it's either not really a posting or it's posted but the person that has the job is renewing. My opinion is that these postings that aren't really postings, are put there to lure people in. I don't see any point on checking out jobs in the websites.
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  3. by   renerian
    I found that happened to me alot! I saw something good and they would tell me it was filled and then you fill out a GOD AWFUL amount of paperwork only for them to try to place you in some place you did not want to go. I understand completely.

  4. by   eddy
    If watch the sites closely, most of the time they just keep the same jobs listed (exact descriptions and stuff) and just update the post dates every now and then.

    The only way to really find out is to call the recruiter. You should AT LEAST be able to get general areas they currently have assignments for BEFORE having to go to the trouble of filling out their paperwork. If they are smart, they are honest.
  5. by   Geeg
    If it sounds to good to be true................
  6. by   eddy
    yup yup