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  1. My wife and I have a 4 year old terrier. We are getting into traveling the country full time and would like to know what others have opted to do with their dogs while working 12 hour shifts (We will both be working the same hours). My wife has made it clear that our dog is remaining at our sides throughout our travel nursing career, but there are kinks in that plan in regards to letting the dog out, etc. We won't be traveling near any relatives that could watch her, and it isn't likely that we will be able to run to our apartment on every lunch break to let her out. Dog sitters aren't really an option either since we will be moving so frequently and they are often expensive. We would try for 8 hour shifts but they are few and far between. It would be very difficult for both me and my wife to find work when demanding 8 hour shifts anyway. Please HELP!?!?! Also, for those of you working 3rd shifts, how are your pets adapting??? Thanks
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  3. by   medicrnohio
    I'm not a travel nurse but I have dogs, 4 of them. Here are my suggestions. Check into pet sitters in the area you are going, they are not all expensive. We used to pay $15 for a 1 hour visit daily and that was for 3 dogs. Another thing to check into is doggy day care, although more expensive than a pet sitter, at least around here. Here doggy day care is $3.50 an hour. As for working 3rd shift...they get used to it. I come home in the mornings and let mine play for an hour or so and then go to bed. They will usually let me sleep for 5 - 6 hours. Good luck!
  4. by   Dixielee
    We travel with our dogs, take the housing stipend and rent our own house, with a fence. My husband installs the doggie door into a ground floor window, using plywood to fit the window, then makes steps in the house and outside the window. The dogs let themselves in and out as needed, we don't have to worry about being home at a certain time, and everyone is happy. The portable doggie door goes in any window with a little alteration, and it doesn't upset the landlord. It can be done, you just have to be creative to accomodate your 4 legged family members.

    We always leave plenty of fresh water inside and outside, and dry food in the kitchen, in case they need a snack while we are away.