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I will be taking my first travel assignment in Florida this winter and am considering the following hospitals: Oak Hill Hospital- Brooksville Palms West Hospital- Loxahatchee (West Palm Beach)... Read More

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    Has anyone ever worked at Columbia Hospital in West Palm Beach on the PCU floor? I am considering a travel position here. I usually work at Martin Memorial in Stuart, Florida and just wanted something closer to my housing. Or does anyone know of a decent hospital in that general area...Jupiter to WPB??

    I did my nursing clinicals here, and cried every day after! I actually did PCU and tele. What a disaster. There are not any nurses working there. When I was there, 2 nurses were on for a 20 bed tele unit. We were taking care of the pts as students and charting without any direction for a RN. Very scary what happens to these patients. I almost called a family member to get one of my patients out of that hospital. Doctors "oversee" a lot of problems that arise in these pts, and they become very sick very quick!