Dream Company?

  1. Good Morning All,

    I'm considering starting a staffing company and I would greatly appreciate feedback from any and all nurses.

    I would like to know what is most important to you in a staffing firm. It would be great to always be able to provide the highest wages, the best apartments, and all the best benefits, but the reality is there is only so much money in a contract...

    I want the firm to be focused on customer service. It would be great to have the happiest travelers in the industry. What do you nurses appreciate most in an agency? What are your biggest peeves? What are your favorite agencies currently?

    Thanks in advance for any comments and advice you may offer!

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  3. by   renerian
    Necessary things:

    insurance from day 1
    returned calls from agency rep
    direct depost
    following through on what is in the contract
    401 K from day 1 with a match if possible
    for me it is rental car as my last assignment I had to drive 2400 miles
    easy application is a must

    Pet peeves:
    not returning calls
    having assignments listed on a website that are not available
    Ohio assignments LOL

    I will think some more about this

  4. by   renerian
    I thought of one:

    I need a company that does home health staffing

  5. by   startup
    Hi Renarian.

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply.

    I'm with you on the importance of returned phone calls and credibility in general!

    Do you prefer home health? Just out of curiosity why?

    Your needs in a travel company seem pretty straight forward.

    What would help you have confidence in a new company?

    Thanks again for all your input!

  6. by   4XNURSE
    Knowing, as I do, the importance of keeping the client facilities happy. - Support for your nurses. I worked for a company that always took the viewpoint of the facility. Agency nurses take a lot of feces from facility staff, and are blamed for any and all mistakes or problems. No matter they wern't even there at the time. My company would not even investigate, they just dumped the nurse. Look at both sides when there is a problem, and if the nurse is wrong, take apropriate interventions. If the facility is wrong don't be a pansy, drop the facility if they won't back down.

    Just my $0.02.

  7. by   renerian
    Good point Ken. I have done home health 11 years so I wanted home health but had to go all the way from Ohio to California which did not work since I was coming from Ohio. I wanted to work somewhere in this state but no one has Ohio home health. You could have a nitch. I found a recruiter relationship for develops very fast. I can tell just by tone or suggestions, explanations that a recruiter is either interested in me finding the right assignment or am I just a warm body? MaKe sense. I don't think I ask for alot but it would be awesome to travel in my home state.

    Your welcome.