Does anyone mainain a house while traveling

  1. I'm considering traveling in the near future and wondered how it would work to have a home/house I maintain locally while taking travel assignments long distance. I'm having trouble thinking of traveling without a home base to return to between assignments. Does anyone maintain and pay for a home base while traveling? Outside of having to pay a mortgage for someplace I won't be 9 months out of the year...what are the other pros/cons. Do people really just live out of their cars and in hotels between assignments as travelers? Thanks
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  3. by   nightingale
    You should maintain a home base. Among many reasons, and you sited having a place that is "home" and that is, IMHO, a very important reason; You should also realize that to claim the tax credits that Travelers love, you need to have a residence > miles miles from your assignment.

    I am not an accountant, etc. You should check with your CPA on these issues. It would be great to hear from other Nurses to see how they resolve this issue and their feedback.
  4. by   BSNtobe2009
    Owning a home is about the only tax deduction you get if you are single and have no children, so it's well worth it.
  5. by   goldilocks
    Thanks for your responses. How do you maintain a house while you are away? Do you hire someone to do lawn care, etc.
  6. by   nightingale
    Quote from goldilocks
    Thanks for your responses. How do you maintain a house while you are away? Do you hire someone to do lawn care, etc.
    You could have a room mate or rent a room for yourself. You will want to keep all receipts and show how you have had to maintain another living arrangement.
  7. by   springfoot
    Im trying to figure this out also I have been reading up on it at lots of great info. If your single you can but what you would pay for maintaining a home inot an IRA because its pre taxed and it will lower your tax bracket.
  8. by   LadyNASDAQ
    My home is paid for. Utilities,taxes and insurance are paid. My Mom and I live together. She's turning 79 y/o this month and suffered a stroke last Oct. My plan for now is work local agency and later on, sell the house. Would I keep a residence elsewhere? Heck no! If you live in your dwelling, you make the most money as local agency.

    Later on, I would be looking for a roommate so that I could work local agency and have a much lower amt. to pay per month and also do some travel nursing if the job paid very well but keep my end of the bargain paying my roommate what I promised.
  9. by   rdaven
    I beleive that it is best to have your own permanent house while you travel. First reason is money$$$ If you have a TAX home then all of the housing that you receive would be tax free. The agency can also offer you tax free per diems for Meals and incedentals. If you do not have a home then all of this is taxed which comes to quite a bit of money come tax time. Plus whille maintaining a tax home one of the qualifications to a tax home is that you are not away for more than 365 days. So you have to go home at least once a year thus giving you a reason to go home and relaxe. You are supposed to work or look for work while at home of course.