Do You Need To Register Your Vehichle?

  1. I am thinking about taking a job in California. But I was told thatI need to get it registered, titled, and emissions checked, plus get a Calfornia drivers license. Is this true? Thanks Sandy
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  3. by   IdahoNurse
    In California you do NOT have to change all of that if you stay less than 6 months. After that, you very well could be stopped and questions by a officer of the law. Just remember to ALWAYS keep a copy of your contract in your glove compartment. I have NEVER had trouble in California staying less than 6 months.
  4. by   swater
    Thanks for the info. That will help me in my decision. Thanks,Sandy
  5. by   gucci rush
    I have been traveling in California for a year and never had a problem with registering my vehicle. I still have my car,license, and tag still registered in my home state, and unfortunately got a speeding ticket and registering my vehicle never came up when I was stopped.
  6. by   swater
    Thanks for the input. I think they want you to, which will give them more money.
  7. by   linda8532
    I was in AZ for 13 weeks and got a ticket, yes ticket for having IL plates. I was told I would have to get AZ plates, emission test or face a fine. I thinnk it depends on who is doing the ticketing. My friend has CA plates and has been here over a year, lived in the same complex I did, did not get a ticket, notice or anything. Is that fair? No, but I can't argue that. I would check into it so you don't get into trouble. Call the CA DMV and ask them.