Dilemma!! To Travel Soon? Or To Travel Later??

  1. Hey guys...i need your advice!! I'm an ICU RN for about a 1.7 years now, and i am really really getting into travel nursing (it's been my dream since RN school). So here's my issue: I've worked 1 year in one hospital, and am now currently working on my 2nd year in nursing at another hospital. My goal was to start traveling after i've been @ my current job for 2 years (giving me 3 yrs of icu experience), but im really starting to look into and hopefully start sooner, like april on my 1 year anniversary @ my job. Do you think this would make me look bad as far AS applying to companies and getting assignemnts THAT I WANT?? I feel like i'd be more marketable if i suck it up and stay for the 2 yrs @ my current job. But i know that you only need 2 yrs of experience, so i should i go for it sooner? Any opinions??
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  3. by   Sabby_NC
    Hello to you.

    Have you made any contacts with nursing agencies as yet?

    I would ask them their opinion on the 2 years experience that you are talking about.

    I doubt it will make any difference due to the nursing shortage, I am sure you will be snatched up in any hospital to work in ICU.

    I know I can go back to Australia and work in the ICU I left by joining a travel agency. I have to say we did think seriously about this for a while at least LOL

    I wish you well in your years ahead as a Travel Nurse
  4. by   scorpinayj
    Hi there! Thanks for your response. I've made contact w/ american mobile, i missed the recruiter's call and i'll be calling her back today. So i'll ask her for her opinion. I'm just getting ready not to get "sucked in" coz they seem to be pushy when it comes to making you put in your application! I'll let you know what happens
  5. by   suemsu
    Be aware, read the threads about american mobile.
  6. by   ERRNTraveler
    I agree, check out threads on American Mobile more- might want to talk to a few different companies, find a recruiter who's not so pushy & who you're comfortable with....