Deemed "not rehireable"

  1. I'm a traveler looking to begin my 3rd assignment. With my last assignment, I got someone to cover my last shift for a steroid epidural I needed to pretty emergently get for my back. My shift was covered, have it all in writing from the nurse who was willing to work that shift for me (on the official forms from the hospital), and the charge nurses and nurse managers were aware.

    Now, trying to get my 3rd assignment, I find out that hospital deemed me not rehireable due to not finishing my contract. Unfortunately, it's an HCA facility and the staffing agency is Parallon (formerly All About Staffing), making up for a lot of the travel opportunities out there. I'm completely ok with never working for HCA again, as they're horrible, in my opinion. Worked with them for 4 years and did a travel assignment with them, so I think my opinion is valid. Anyway, I would prefer to get this settled and not be on my record. Does anyone have any suggestions, as this information is very inaccurate and is causing trouble for landing my next assignment.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   NedRN
    You are not working for Parallon again so issue is done. Forget about it. Did you get written references? Do so in the future for this very reason.
  4. by   AllyRN82
    I got two written references from that assignment and I have several from my current assignment. So it's not even worth the battle? On one hand, I'm thinking, 'fight it', but on the other, I'm thinking I really don't care to ever work for HCA or Parallon again anyway. I appreciate your input. Thank you for your response.
  5. by   NedRN
    I'm not sure what battle you are referring to. You don't have to mention your rehire status to anyone. Being renewed would speak volumes to any hiring manager who does happen to find out in any case, not to mention your positive references. Since you don't want to work HCA anymore, what would be the point?

    Kudos on the written references! You are way ahead of most travelers.