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  1. Hey Everyone,

    I'm pretty new to the site but I'm hoping I'll get some help regarding the process to get licensed in California. I am a Canadian RN and have been working as an RN for the last two years. I belonged to the last batch to write the CRNE (the Canadian Licensing exam before it was changed to the NCLEX). My boyfriend has been in California for the last year and I am looking to get transferred there. However, I am facing a whole plethora of problems. There is the whole SSN issue, not to mention me having to write my NCLEX. I'm looking for some guidance. I have been researching and it seems like the best way to get a license in California is to get licensed in another state then get endorsed in California. I had sent them my transcripts about 6 months ago but, haven't heard anything from the Board. I'm also not sure how to go about writing my NCLEX (if it would be better for me to write it in the states vs in Canada). Any information or suggestions you have will be appreciated.
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  3. by   renzlao
    California will not process your application without a US Social security number.
    I am Canadian. I applied to WA state first, got a job and applied for a TN status. When border officer granted my work status went to Social Security office to get my number. When the card arrived, applied to California.

    There is no way around this. You need to apply to a state that do not require a US social security number.
  4. by   LaurieMakingA'way
    Hi there,

    I feel your frustration! I was in the same boat as you a year ago. I am a Canadian RN living and working in Texas. My goal was originally to work in California but I didn't have a SSN and you do need a SSN to apply for Cali license - there is no way of getting around it. After I passed the NCLEX, I got a job offer at a hospital in Texas in which I got a SSN. After a couple months of working I applied for my Cali license. I waited 6 months to get my license in the mail! Ensure you read all the instructions and provide everything in detail when you send your application.
    Your going to have to take a detour and work in another state first then make your way up to Cali. But don't worry if it's what you really want go after it! Hope this helps