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  1. I am getting ready to start my first travel assignment, for 13 weeks. My husband will be traveling with me. (non-RN) I'll be at least 4 hours from my home, and I was just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what you usually take with you on a long assignment. I know every company is different and all provide different things with housing and such. Obviously scrubs, clothes, toiletries, ect., but I'm sure you leave the kitchen sink at home. I'm trying to decide on my nessesities and not take a bunch of junk I don't need or may already be there. Thanks for your understanding, just have those pre-travel jitters lol.
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  3. by   cvryder
    Depends on what your housing situation is. I travel solo (divorced) and my company provides housing that is furnished down to linens and forks. However, the kitchen equipment is incomplete as far as I'm concerned, so I bring my little George Foreman grill and mini crockpot and an assortment of kitchen tools including a decent corkscrew and a couple of good knives. Also my boom box/CD player. And because I work nights, I bring along a set of black curtains and a spring tension rod for my bedroom. For little stuff one of my first things to do on arriving is locate the nearest Dollar Tree You'll find you throw away a lot of stuff when you leave, too.
  4. by   OkieICU_RN
    Definitely depends on your housing. I'm in a hotel right now with fridge and micro but no other kitchen stuff. I got a 4 piece silverware set (cheap) a paring knife and I basically use paper plates and bowls.

    I also bought some little bins (4x6x2) to keep myself organized for my make-up and other toiletries. I am a neat freak at home and love organizers (hey, they were 3 for $1).

    I also bought a clothes basket for keeping the dirties corraled and to make doing laundry easier.

    You might be able to bring more of what you want with you since you are probably driving. I flew half way across the country so I was limited on what I could bring....ended up buying stuff when I got here.

    Also, on nursing stuff to bring with you. I brought several reference books, flip charts and the like. I have barely looked through them since I've been here and that was in my room! I would bring just the stuff you take to work on a normal basis. The hospitals have plenty of drug books and other reference books to use.

    One more thing.....a calendar. Keeps you organized, pay due, hours worked and scheduled for, OT hours, and to cross out the days until your contract is over.