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I'm wondering if anyone has any info on Liquid Agents...they have been contacting me with potential contracts...anything good and bad appreciated.Thanks... Read More

  1. by   pdrgeez
    Oh, it wasn't Liquid Agents that I was referring to. My experiences were with other agencies. HRN didn't pay me or send a contract after 3 weeks, and my recruiter was on vacation, so I quit that assignment. The other one involved the hospital canceling my contract after 3-4 weeks. Even the director of nursing of my agency said that their rationale didn't make any sense. I'm licking my wounds on that one. You know how we all just LOVE packing up the car and the two dogs and shifting from a motel to an apt. As a former trauma team leader and ER nurse and some successful runs at travel ER nursing we know it doesn't add up, but then those lovely hospitals can do whatever they want. And they never consider one's financial situation or clinical reputation. Yuck, what a mess. I don't think that it's the 12 hour shifts that shorten nurses' lives - it's the foul treatment they have to deal with.
  2. by   Rntr
    These threads do get sidetracked sometime... the title was with LA so thought that is who you were referring to..

    I do understand your complaint too.... been out there on the road for many yrs and got real burned out from the travel and being treated like a Donkey... beleive me I understand.

    I have nursed for 36 yrs, traveled for close to 10 yrs and this is the worst I have seen it...
  3. by   pdrgeez
    Yes, I totally agree. "Treated like a Donkey" is how I feel right now. I've felt that the last 2-3 assignments. And I also agree that it is MUCH worse now. I'm an older nurse cohorts from an earlier, much more fun, travel time, used to call it a "vintage" nurse. I started traveling in 2007 when my mom was terminally ill (might have mentioned it before) and in Canada, and I wanted to maintain some flexibility in my schedule. If I'm repeating myself, I just woke up.... It is so totally degrading to have been a "seasoned" nurse (in two countries) and a former manager/team leader, and have some very scathing, disrespectful employee at a travel hospital tell you that you're not "going along with the program". and that you don't measure up, treating you like you are brain dead (and worse...that I won't mention here)....I don't know how you can develop a thick enough, scaly enough exterior to shut that stuff out. Travelers are now being treated like very cheap commodities.
  4. by   Rntr
    Yes, you are right and I love to travel but got real tired of traveling and working..what's wrong with traveling for fun...learn a new way to do it. I am 65 and won't be called a donkey again...I feel your pain..
  5. by   Rachett2005
    I just finished an assignment with them and the hospital terminated me after 8 weeks .The agreement was I don't work 3 12 hour shifts anymore. So big deal I have that agreement with every hospital I have worked with for years (verbal), but My friends at liquid agents with held my last paycheck that was approximately $ 1000.00. and said I owed them, So basically I worked 36 hours for nothing..I will never travel with them again....The contracts that we sign are not worth the paper they are printed on..It does nothing to protect the nurses..
  6. by   pdrgeez
    Good to be getting to the bottom of this whole travel mess....I hear your beef with LA. My own were in a different direction....but lately, I got a job with HRN in L.A. The first week I commuted 200 miles for their training session at the hospital. The next week I started, and the agency didn't have an apt ready for me yet, so I staying in a hotel for a week with my dogs and I had to pay for it myself. The next week I moved into their apt., which was smaller than a hamster house (minus the wheel)...and my recruiter went on a week's vacation, telling me that my pay for the first week or so and my contract (which they didn't have ready yet) would be there in my mailbox waiting for me. Guess pay, no contract. I worked one more week, waiting for him to get back, during which I left several messages that the person seemed not to understand....just said...wait for your recruiter to get backk. Meanwhile, one of the attending docs teaching the residents told the charge RN that she didn't think I was suited to be a critical care RN in the ER...that all I gave her was a blank stare. Plus the residents were telling lies to get them selves out of trouble....well I just had it. I have lead a trauma team in a major trauma center and been a nurse for lots of years - almost I quit. And for those 3 weeks I still haven't been paid. HRN said that when all the charges were totalled up, my pay balance is 0. So now I have to take them to court. Does anyone know anything about federal laws about this as well?

    Bottom line is that everyone is treated the traveler like a commodity - calling them names and belittling them - and there is nothing we can do. I'd rather walk dogs for a living.
  7. by   kat007st
    Wow I am glad I checked out this site. I am a scrub nurse and currently in negotiation with a recruiter at LA. At first the pay was great, then when I needed housing the pay dropped a full $10.00. That equals approx. $1,700.00 for an apartment. Please... I guess if I am already getting suspicious I need to bow out. The recruiter sounds very young and is constantly checking things on her computer. I initially asked for a comparison of the options with benefits be e-mailed to me. That was 6 days ago. Hmmmm...
  8. by   Rntr
    Walk this one.....
  9. by   79Tango
    Welcome Tom, er ah I mean Rebecca, you must be really new or really desperate. Either way, pulling down your pants and selling everything on the first date is not cool!
  10. by   malenurse122879
    Ok just realized I never reposted with my experience.
    With LA - I didnt' really have any issues. My issue was with the hospital so "I" term'd my contract. I work NICU/Nursery and a Dr. at the facility was known for damn near killing some of the kids - and almost did so on my watch with a Meconium baby (Basically we needed to suction the kid before she touched it - she pulled it out and raked her knuckles down its back causing it to inhale meconium. niiiice). So I left after that. Wasn't putting my license in jeopardy. They werent too thrilled that I just broke the contract but the last couple of weeks they have been sending me emails about new assignments lol.
  11. by   metrue22
    I know nurses who used to work with them. its kind of shady when you dont send them stuff a they work you anyway. Dont the hospitals need that stuff? My friend said she never send her cards but was working a few days later. Questionable.
  12. by   tristans_18
    Go with Medical Solutions! Excellent company based in Omaha, NE. Excellent customer service and great customizable contracts.

    Quote from lifezfunny
    I'm wondering if anyone has any info on Liquid Agents...they have been contacting me with potential contracts...anything good and bad appreciated.Thanks
  13. by   WinterWolf90
    I have worked with them for a year which is as long as I have been traveling. They are the only company that I have ever worked with. I have personally like them. The first two times I took housing and it was great, first was in a gated apartment complex, second was a large house with three bedrooms and it was just me. The reason I like them is that they are pretty fast with getting me the numbers. I just completed an 18 week assignment with them. Also they are willing to just send me tons of assignments and let me pick through what I want and get back to them. I was signed up with another company but never taken a job. And I just signed up with Flexcare to expand to different areas that Liquid Agents doesn't go to.