Anyone heard of Access nursing

  1. I have recently looked into travel nursing and have a lot of agencies call me. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of access nursing if so please give info. Also, how is the california pay for agency nursing?
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  3. by   mjsobrn
    I have been working with Access on a posssible first time travel assignment they seem to be big in the CA area (which is where I am from) the paywas reasonable about $10 more an hour than what I make now as a staff nurse plus housing and since gas is up a gas allowance. They fully checked out my ref. and credentials.
  4. by   oldiegoldie
    I just signed on with them and got screwed to the wall (first time traveler). They told me they don't have insurance (web site says they do) and they wrote in my contract that I won't get a microwave or washer and dryer. Their feature housing listings all have both. They are going to make me pay $100. towards my new license. Help! Can I get out of this contract?
  5. by   IndigoCarmine
    There are now THREE active Access threads! Make sure you read them all as I know I'm getting tired of typing about them.

    I've not had any trouble with them. I, however, don't use their housing. I take the stipend and find my own because you do far better that way cash-wise.

    It sounds like some weirdness happened to people re: health insurance. FWIW, they just changed providers and the cost nearly doubled for the nurse and I think the open enrollment date changed. All this happened right around the New Year. Dunno for sure. I wasn't really listening to my recruiter during that conversation because honestly all I wanted to hear was "your contract is approved". I asked whether they could grandfather my old insurance rate to the new coverage and was told yes.

    I've only ever worked with Access so I have nothing to compare them to. But, as I'm sure it is with ALL companies, you HAVE to get steely and negotiate hard. I just took what I was handed the first two contracts then after talking to other travellers on my unit, started playing hardball, and it has always gotten me what I wanted.

    Read your contract carefully and DON'T sign it if there's something in it that you really don't like. Like "no microwave" or "OT pay after 40 hrs not 36" or whatever. Call them on it! You can't go by the website alone. Who knows how often they're updated!

    Be firm and shop around.
  6. by   oldiegoldie
    I just called them and told them that they need to take the "free health insurance from day one" off their website. They came up with some song and dance about how they changed companies at the beginning of the year and now it's very expensive. They told me the only way they would give me free health insurance was to pay me a lot less than I was quoted. I sent them an email telling them that it is unethical to advertise a benefit they have no intention of providing and that they should bite the bullet and give me the insurance because that's what they claim to do. Also, it's Monday, I am due to move in Friday, and they still can't tell me where I'm going to live.

    I am not impressed. I plan to use this next 13 weeks to hook up with another agency. Being my first travel assignment, I am really upset that I am starting out this way; I wonder what else they didn't tell me. I just pray that I get my money right when I am supposed to get it.
  7. by   muttbrownrn
    Access was my first travel company. I admit they treated my okl. Good housing. But crappy hospitals though. They eventually **** canned me for stupid reasons. Travelers are treated like ugly stepchildren by the hospitals and will can you for any reason at all. Especially if 'their' staffing improves. Travel companies are only interested in their wallet. They'll treat you good only as long as they think they can squeeze a nickle out of you.
  8. by   deege58
    Quote from trixytop4
    I have recently looked into travel nursing and have a lot of agencies call me. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of access nursing if so please give info. Also, how is the california pay for agency nursing?
    Run away!! Fast!!! I worked one assignment for them...never, never again!!!! Go to PPR, i'm on my second assignment with them and dont plan to leave them..they are honorable, competitive, thoughtful...send gift cards all the time..and keep in touch...