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    I am currently a traveler who is thinking about going to another agency so that I can do shorter assignments.I have experience in pediatrics only. Anybody have experience with 4-8 week contracts? Do you still get 1-2 days of orientation? Is it hard to do 4 12 hour shifts. What states have you been to as a short term traveler? Are the hospital conditions ok? What agencies do you recommend for these type of assignments? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   reecie54
    I have done three less than 8 week assignments in Brockton, MA and have enjoyed them, the staff was great and I still got 1 day of orientation...some weeks I'm tired after 48 hours but it's doable
  4. by   tulsanurse1
    Whats a good company that offers the 4-8 week contracts?
  5. by   reecie54
    I have been working with On Assignment for my short contracts...Sagent is another company that doesn't advertise short contracts but they will try and work with you to meet your needs
  6. by   cvryder
    TNS has short term contracts also. I'm talking to them again for just that reason. Also you could consider strike nursing (Fastaff does that, and I just learned that On Assignment does too) but I don't do that, feeling that when nurses strike it's usually for good reason, like staffing issues which affect patient care.