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Does anyone know of any nurses who are traveling to the US but living in Mexico? (Or any other low cost of living country)

Here is my thinking on this. One could live in a country with a low cost of living and travel and work in the US, or where ever, for 3 to 6 months a year and live on the prodeeds the rest of the year.

Is anyone doing this?

I consider Mexico because the weather is warm, the people are friendly and its close proximity to the US.

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

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The problem I see with Mexico is:

First of all, it IS a third world country......

You'd have to live within 40 -50 miles of the border....

border towns and the border area are infamous for poverty and all the other problems inherent in a 3rd world country.

The border police aren't there to protect you.

You have to realize you are in another country.

If you get tossed in jail or assaulted/robbed,

no one from the embassy etc., is going to rush to your defense.

Our laws do not apply there. If they want to arrest you for

trumped up charges-or even valid charges, they do not have

to notify anyone or even allow you a phone call or allow you to

post bond or hire an attorney.

You give up the rights we take for granted once you cross that border.

It is a great idea until there is a problem.....

And, don't drink the water.... at the border.....

sewage systems...... non-existent for the most part the border towns...

there is no county system checking food service quality in restaurants, or

checking sanitation...


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Very interesting Mantibob, I would like to hear more about this idea!

Feel free to pm me.




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I'm assuming you mean nurses from Mexico who come here to work as travellers then go home at end of assignments. I don't know about Mexico, but I have worked with a good number of nurses who travel from Canada to work and then go home. It was great for them when the US dollar was doing better.

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In my previous reply, I was thinking you meant live in a border town and cross every day to work in the U.S.

Now, if you had a 6 month travel assignment in some great place in the U.S. and then wanted to live cheaply in Mexico....that's a different story. Once you get away from the border towns, Mexico is fabulous. There's a great colonial city about 300 hundred miles south of Brownsville, Tx. called San Miguel. Lots of Americans live there. It is a beautiful, inexpensive, and mountainous city. Lots of hippies from the 60's and still "stuck in the 60's" live there. The people are very friendly.... think Santa Fe in Mexico....that would be a great way to live .... 6 months here traveling, six months there enjoying the good life..!

Guadalahara is fantastic...check your library or bookstore...lots of Americans have retired in Mexico on social security checks alone and are living the good life ... lots in Alcapulco.


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There was a recent article in the AARP magazine and also on their website regarding living in Mexico. It was aimed at retirees, but might have some good information. There are several areas of Mexico with a large American population and good infrastructure according the athe article.

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