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Travel Nursing; Is It Even Possible?

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Hello all, 


I had a few questions regarding travel nursing and my future, I'll start by saying that I don't need any legal advise nor do I need a "shoulda thought about that" lecture. I'm a nursing student currently, I will be graduating in May and I currently hold a limited LPN license (2 years), due to a colorful past that left me with a handful of disorderly conducts and a possession of a controlled substance (this stuff is 5+ years old). I wasn't using the controlled substance, I had accepted one at a party with full intent to throw it out, not really the point but I felt it should be added, I don't even take NSAID's for a headache. ANYWAY, I was granted a limited LPN license based on the findings that I'm at risk for diversion because of the possession. That said, I've complied with the UA's and I'm not allowed to pass controlled substances, though I can petition to get this removed after a year (which I will) even with that I've landed a pretty cool position in the ICU at a hospital nearby and have cleared all of their background checks. My question is this, has anybody found success or heard of success in travel nursing with a criminal background? I know that there are a lot of variables, but I was curious and decided to throw it out there, there would be a lot of time that had passed before I would even look into it and a lot of experience gained along the way. Like I said, just curious. Feel free to share your thoughts! Thank you.

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