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Travel nursing for endoscopy

by JosieWales531 JosieWales531 (New) New

Traveling has always been something I've wanted to do, and with my four year anniversary of graduating nursing school coming up it feels like the right time to try something new.

In the past four years, I spent the first 2 on a cardiac stepdown/PCU floor. The last 2 have in endoscopy (I have a longer post detailing everything we do and what I've learned there)

In my first 6 months in Endo we had 2 different travel nurses come through, though we haven't had any since then. So while they might not be as common as other specialties, I know they exist.😄

What are some good introduction material for travel nursing? Any advice for a newbie? I realize that the process will likely take time, so where do I even start?

Thanks in advance!

Start by reading articles on PanTravelers. Pick the free membership level. Next Google travel nurse companies and start calling them. The ultimate goal is to pick the 3 to 5 recruiters (agency brand is not as important as your relationship to your recruiter) to work further with. Only then do the paperwork. You will learn a ton from these conversations, and who is talking straight with you. Lot of work, but best way in my opinion. There are beginning to be some interesting sites that bypass the recruiter, but I cannot recommend them at this point.