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Travel Nursing Companies, whose the best


Specializes in emergency/endoscopy.

Hi I'm a nurse who has traveled more than 15yrs ago and am going to travel again in the next 2-3 months,does anyone have advice on the best travel companies out there as far as benefits,housing,assignments and support.

Any info would be greatly appreciated

Avoid medical express they are extremely disorganized and not truthful in what it is that they are offering. I just traveled with them and the contract took over 3 months to just get it signed. The journey was extremely chaotic, although not totally there fault I am home without employment. They were not researching other positions for me despite knowing that my contract was ending. I was thinking of renewing my contract but there were many issues with the facility and therefore we were not allowed to work there for very good reasons.

Definitely see how you are treated. Whether when you call they are kind and responsive? Do you research on the facility yourself? And definitely go with your gut. I was at a horrible facility and knew it even before I left but was willing to make the sacrifice.

All the best ;-)

You are absolutely right! Please stay away from medical express. I went on one travel assignment and haven't since. That"s how bad the taste is from that place.

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