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Travel Nursing Before Applying to CRNA School?


I've been an ICU for going on 2 years now and would like to travel when I reach my full 2 years. The only thing is that I really want to go to CRNA school, and I don't know how to get references while traveling. I've read about multiple nurses saying they loved traveling before they got into school, so if anyone cold tell me how they went about it that be be great, thanks so much!!

Get your references now, at your current job. A former coworker of mine picked up a few travel assignments before starting his CRNA program. He loved it. Great way to destress and kick back on a working vacation before the madness begins

Thanks for such a quick reply! I'm planning on applying this upcoming fall and using the references I have from the hospital that I am employed at now, but I am worried that once I start traveling, I will not be able to get any more references if I do not get in this time around.

I'm currently traveling and plan on applying this year for crna school. My best advice is to work your ass off and make sure you make your presence known to the managers, your coworkers, charge nurse, icu supervisors, etc. I do icu float as a traveler and I can count multiple nurse managers or supervisors that would absolutely give me a great letter of reference for schools if I need it.