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I have been contacted by Travel Nurse Sloutions (TNS) about a travel assignment. The assignemnt sounds great. Has anyone ever heard of them or have ever traveled with them?

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I traveled with them once. They screwed me over. I think my problem was with the recruiter I had. Overall, I had no problems working with them and they got me what I needed, up until the end. I heard my recruiter is no longer there, but I don't know. I doubt I'll give them another shot just because of my bad experience with them.

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I worked with several travelers who were with that company and they love them but I have tried several times to work with them but have not been able to yet. I wondered if they liked it so much because they had been there so long. I have since gone through 2 recruiters and the 2nd one left and no one contacted me to tell me she was gone, I kept emailing and calling and no response so I finally called the main office number then I was told that I had to redo all my paperwork. Well, by that time I had been out of work for 3 weeks (2 week planned vacation which my prior recruiter had known about) and that set me back another week and a half so I just took an assignment with the ones who could get me to work fastest. Needed the inflow of money. I hope you get a good recruiter and that they work out for you.

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