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Travel nurse vs permanent staff in Seattle

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Should I travel nurse first or accept permanent staff position?

  1. 1. Should I travel nurse first or accept permanent staff position?

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I will be moving to Seattle next month. I am a current local travel nurse in my home state and am looking to travel there to secure a job and housing beforehand. In the past few weeks, not much has opened up as far as travel opportunities in the Seattle area. So I panicked and started applying for staff positions. I have interviews for both this week and am unsure which route to go with. Travel nursing would give me the opportunity to have housing set up before I move, yet since this is a permanent move, I would then have to look for a permanent staff position anyways after my contract ends. HELP!

Ruby Vee, BSN

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I'm not going to vote. This is such a personal decision!

You're right about travel nursing being a way to secure housing and employment in one fell swoop, and you have the additional advantage of being able to scope out the neighborhoods you'd like to live in (can afford to live in) on a permanent basis. Is there something magical about moving in one month? Can you stay where you are until an appropriate opportunity opens up? Are you moving alone? There's the UW, and someone is always looking for a roommate; sometimes on a per-semester basis. Is that an option for housing?

I lived in Seattle for 15 years and loved it. It seems that travel nurses who take assignments in Seattle extend and extend and stay. If it's a permanent move and you see a permanent staff opportunity that is interesting, why not grab it?

I probably haven't helped you at all, but I'm envious that you're moving to SEATTLE!