Travel Nurse Agencies - Best Assignments



I am hoping to start a travel nurse assignment this fall. I am hoping to do oncology nursing (preferably large academic facilities - UCLA/MD Andersen,etc.). I was hoping to get feedback from other nurses as to the best travel agency to use for the best assignments (pay, experience, housing, hospitals, etc.)




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A really good way to learn about traveling is to spend an hour or so reading threads in this forum. "Best" agency question is asked at least twice a week and some travelers will recommend agencies. That information won't help you as there is no best agency. There are close to 400 agencies out there and every single one has fans. The agency brand actually is not much of a factor generally, it is your relationship with recruiters that is the most sensitive indicator of success. The only way to discover if you communicate well with any recruiter is to talk to them, other traveler's experiences may not be yours with any agency or recruiter.