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I'm currently working as an Infection Preventionist- have about 2.5 years of experience as an IP and 6 years total as a BSN. I will be sitting for my CIC next month.

Are there any travel IP's out there? Just looking through websites it looks like there aren't many jobs available; unlike say the ED or ICU. Just wanted to get some insight from IP travel nurses.

I've started the process of obtaining my CA nursing license in case a position opens up- I'll be ready. From what I've seen online there are a few in CA.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Hello Whitley86, from my experience on the recruiter side the Infection Preventionist/Control market in the travel world is very dry. The jobs for this specialty are far and few between and often have a lot of candidates in front of them. You may want to see if there is an agency that specializes in staffing IC/IP nurses just like how 360 staffing focuses on DON/Administration.

I'd be careful with browsing job websites such as Travel Nurse Source and Nurse recruiter since many of the jobs listed on these websites can be already filled or bait and switches. I'd also recommend not signing up for these websites because you'll begin to get bombarded by recruiters since your information would be sold to us.

Joining a facebook group such as Traveler Talk, Gypsy Nurse, or Wanderlust travelers may help with a few questions that you have and the individuals in here may be able to provide a deeper insight into your predicament.

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