Travel with Family and Pets???


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I am considering traveling. My family and I want to relocate, but with the economy being what it is, selling the house and moving is more difficult. My husband is a stay at home dad and my kids range in age from 17 to 2 and a half. Is traveling something that I should just not even consider? It seems catered to single people or those without children.

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I am on my 2nd assignment as a traveler. I travel with my husband, no kids, and 2 cats. The cats travel fine after a little medicine and the husband enjoys coming with me. We sold our house luckily before the market took a dive, but it was and is very scary not having our home. I also am not sure how this will work around tax time. I think that it just depends how you and your family lives to see if it will work for you-it may be very hard to switch the kids' school unless they are home schooled (I have seen that as a topic a few times and in literature). You have to be very flexible with this job-schedules and hours change. you have to make the best choice for you an your family. Also, maybe you can try an assignment before selling your house and see how it works, or maybe you can "travel" locally. you have some options.


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I am a new traveler, but have seen many posts from other travelers. Many nurses trave with their families and pets. You have an advantage having someone to do things with.

I agree with the other post, about trying an assignment before you sell your house.



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