Travel in Eureka, Ca?


I am a L/D nurse looking at assignments. There is one open in Eureka, Ca but not sure about the area. Have read some reviews that there is a lot of theft and drugs. Anyone been in that area recently?


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Meth addicts are more visible on the streets than I've seen anywhere else. However I read that many communities around the country suffer from meth similarly. There are also a number of homeless encampments. Lots of very young homeless, teenagers and twenty somethings. Not sure why, but some come off of the Pacific Coast trail.

Meth addicts are super scary looking but the crime rate is similar to the national rate. I never thought twice about my safety.

L&D is very low risk only in Eureka and you will basically be largely enjoying a vacation while there. You won't be circulating sections either.


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Do you get a lot of addicted babies?


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I've never asked. I would have thought that to be high risk though. There is a low level NICU there, but it is often empty. I'm an OR nurse so I can't talk a lot of shop with you about L&D. If this is your first assignment, I'd recommend it highly as the low stress will help ease you into travel.

Have you already been submitted? They have at least one submission for all three open positions. This is not a particularly high paying OB assignment, but if this is your first travel assignment, that should not be your first consideration. Your total likely pay is about $63 an hour. That number may include things you don't normally think of when you look at a quote like workers comp, unemployment, and health insurance. Use PanTravelers calculator if you want to confirm that number. Your pay could be less based on a number of factors, like using an agency with a higher gross profit margin (often larger agencies), or if this is your first assignment, an agency who wants to factor in the higher risk of a first time traveler.


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It's a great hospital with good staff. I have known people who have had children their and they all had nothing but good things to say. The staff is very friendly and family oriented as well. The area is absolutely beautiful. But you have to go north to have fun in Arcata CA. I would also probably say look for a place to stay their as well. It (arcata) is a great little university town with lots to do. Send me a PM and I'll give you all the info I can.