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Hi there,

This is my first time posting on this forum.

Has anyone on this Bulletin Board worked for a travel nurse


I want to know what the contracts are like and if the working environments are acceptable.

I'm truly fed up with the situation here in Canada and particularly in BC.

I left the Emergency department after 8 years of service due to the bureucracy, third world conditions and lack of respect by both nurse managers and politicians.

I now work in a CCU and am happy there except I find that I'm upset at making slightly more than the people cleaning the floors or those working in the kitchens.



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Despite all the rhetoric, you will probably find hospitals in the US can be just as bad or even worse than ours. Some are great, others are hell holes. Beaurocracy, lack of respect and poor condiitons are everywhere. Be sure to go through a reputable agency. I think you can talk to more travel nurses on or something.

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