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Travel companies in western NC or eastern TN?


Has 25 years experience.

I am interested in moving to western NC (Asheville area), and would like to do some travel out there first before committing to such a move. My specialty is L&D, I have almost 10 years experience in L&D and 17 years total nursing experience. I would be interested in any travel assignments west of Hickory, NC, and even eastern TN. Has anyone done any travel out there, and if so, which company did you use? I haven't been able to find any travel listings in that area, but I can't believe there is nobody doing travel in the area that I want.

I am a nurse in that area. I know where I am working we are really short in L&D. Pm me and I will give you info about my unit and probably direct contact with nursing director will get you a job-

I am from east Tennessee. I mostly travel to North Carolina. I only work ER so I certainly can't speak for L&D jobs, but the travel market for me is very limited in east TN and western NC. I would love to go to Asheville since its only a couple hours from home but I have never seen a position come open. There are a lot of travel positions around Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Raleigh for ER so I am sure if you were willing to expand your search an hour or two east of Hickory you wouldn't have a problem getting work.