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I've never taken a travel assignment before but would LOVE to!! Any recommendations of companies to definitely sign up and definitely NOT sign with? I've applied with RN Network and Cross Country Travel Corp

I've never taken a travel assignment before but would LOVE to!! Any recommendations of companies to definitely sign up and definitely NOT sign with? I've applied with RN Network and Cross Country Travel Corp

Hi - I've been a travel nurse for over 8 years now and I love it. I've never worked with RN Network but I have worked with Cross Country. They are a decent travel company but really large! I've taken my last two travel nurse assigments with Soliant Health and they've been great so far...they're a little smaller and feel more family-oriented. You can search their current travel nursing jobs at if you want to see if they have anything you want. Good luck! You will absolutely love travel nursing.

Thank you so much!! I'm stoked.

If you browse through the previous posts on here you will figure out pretty quick who to stay away from. I didn't listen and signed up for 2 of the big ones people advised against, thinking people just like to complain - but everything they said was true. I never did end up getting a job with either of them - I was bit complicated bc I was living overseas and no one wanted to make that little bit of extra effort.

Then I stumbled upon Soliant. I've just accepted my first assignment and am starting next week. They've been fantastic so far and my recruiter is awesome :)

Good luck!

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Been looking at Soliant, that looks like a great company with a very large range of assignment locations. Did you apply online or did you call to speak with someone. In regards to getting another state license, do they help a lot with much is it and do companies usually reimburse?


I applied online and then called my recruiter directly because I was living overseas.

The cost and process for getting a license varies greatly from state to state. Some states will require fingerprints and background searches, others will want university transcripts. You will also need verification from your current/original nursing board, it's all pretty straight forward though. It'll prob be about $200 or so. If you go to the nursing board websites they will have all the forms and instructions for endorsement posted.

After dealing with other agencies I already had 3 licenses (which they told me they would pay for, but never got me a job). I only looked at jobs in those states so I didn't need to get a license with Soliant. You'll have to talk to your recruiter about getting reimbursed, etc. But if they can get a Canadian living in Australia sorted I'm sure they can help you through it :)

RNWhit07- I applied online and they called me back that day. If you would rather talk to them in person you can contact my recruiter -------------------------. She's been wonderful so far. Or you can just apply online - they will definitely contact you.

Yes - they handled the licensure for me. I didn't have to do anything - they took care of the credentialing, licensure, housing, etc. Every time I've talked with them they've been very eager to help me out, which was a nice change!!! They're based in Georgia so maybe it has something to do with the southern hospitality!?! I don't know - I'm from Maryland so the overly friendliness/helpfulness freaked me out at first. You should actually call the 800 number just to hear the receptionist - she sounds like Mary Poppins! Seriously. It's very surreal. I call the 800 number instead of --------'s direct line just to talk with her. I keep waiting for her to start singing "just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down..."

Good luck! Maybe we're run into each other at a Soliant get together :)

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Haha! Thats so funny! SuzieSmith where are you working now? How long have you been with them.

I'm from VA, so the Southern hospitality is def my thing...everything is darlin, ma'm, and sweetheart :) haha! Oh and can't forget..Bless your heart :)

Im going to write that number down for sure!

Thank you for posting that info. I'm Canadian. Can you do travel nursing if you don't have a car? How did you manage it going from Aust to U.S.? I'm Cdn & there's nothing here. New grade intitiative means no jobs for other nurses. I'll try contacting Soliant, but if you have info on how you did travel I'd love to know.

I don't have a car (well i do, but i left it in Australia). I've rented one for the time that I'm down here. After getting it they hit me with a surprise insurance surcharge and it's costing me a small fortune. I could get away without one, but I want to be able to get out and explore the area while I'm here. You would just need to make sure that your accommodation is either within walking distance to the hospital or on a public transit route. I also had to pay for flights to get here (from Canada) which are not completely covered.

If you are looking to make a living I would suggest getting a car if you can. This is my first assignment so i'm just going to test it out before I make a permanent move back to North America.

I'm Canadian trained and already had my licenses and visa screen certificate before I went to Australia, so the issue I had was the communication with international calling and time differences.

Have you written the NCLEX/have your license, and visa screen certificate? You should have those sorted before you talk to recruiters. If you do call Soliant they're all up-to-date with the process for getting you sorted thanks to

I have also applied to numerous travel jobs with different recruiting agencies. Recently, I submitted my application to Locum Jobs Online and had an agency contact me about a potential nurse practitioner travel job in Maine. I am currently in the process but so far the agency has been very professional and has kept me informed of all the steps required.

Their staffing companies work with facilities to place applicants in locum tenens jobs.

Good luck in your job search!

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