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Travel Assignment on Reservation

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I am an ED RN with over 12 yrs ex with 6 yrs travel exp. I would liek to go to work on in the Four Corners area for Indian Health Service. Can anyone recommend a good travel company, or give many any tips of what to include or avoid? Any input will be great thanks for the help. :confused:


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email me privately and i will tell you a few things.

Medical solutions asked me if i would do indian reservations.


Specializes in ER, peds.,nursery..

Again email me and I can give you a heads up. You need to be prepared for a very different kind of nursing. It really depends on which one you are going to. Two of the ones I have been in in SD and MT are going thru major turmoil and there are some situations you really need to know about before you sign. I was not told about this until I got to the facilities. Be very careful. Email me

Musherdeb, I am also interested in employment at Four Corners. Can I email you privately as well? Thank you!

Fishermen, I was interested in this too. Can I email you


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