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I am interested in taking a travel position in Las Vegas. I have 2 years experience on a Surgical PCU and Telemetry floor. Has anyone traveled to Las Vegas, if so what company did you travel with?

Thanks in advance for any feedback :)

hi! i haven't travel to vegas yet! ...but one my friends just did...she used all about staffing...i asked them if there is anything there, but my recruiter with AAS said that it was very slow, so i am going to san antonio for the winter.

Good luck !

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I was in Vegas for 6 months this year. If you are going to an HCA facility (ie Sunrise), you will probably get better pay going with All About Staffing, as HCA uses them for their traveler/agency staffing (AAS will contract out their needs to other travel companies but there is obviously a cut in pay for the traveler when this happens). HRN has contracts in Vegas too and the girls in that office are sooo sweet! Vegas was great but I would try for a different hospital if I went back (St Rose is a good one to work at).

I was staff in Vegas for a few years....I just left recently to travel again. Cross Country Trav Corps has many postings in Vegas. If you decide to go I have a furnished empty 2500 square foot home sitting there while I travel that I would be happy to rent out cheap if you want to take the stipend...just message me and good luck.

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Just wondering if you found anything yet? Good luck, I hope you find something... :)

I found this thread while searching for some info about traveling in las vegas... my friend and I are going to try it out there soon. I can't message Sari2009, but I'm wondering if she still has the house to rent out in vegas... can anyone help me??

Thanks! is a great for finding fully furnished housing.. If something is out of your budget you can usually haggle the landlord since you will be there for 3months.

I just talked to aya healthcare and was offered $23/hour for a M/S tele assignment in Las Vegas. That seems quite low to me. I am also looking to travel to Las Vegas this winter. Any advise about agencies; what to look for, etc. Anything would be much appreciated!

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