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Traumatic Brain injury

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Are any of you familiar with a physician in Encino Ca. whose primary practice is anti-aging???? He also tests and treats TBI pts using both bio-identicals and drug therapy including Armour thyroid and growth hormone.

Do you know of any clinic in your area testing for hypopituitarism and treating TBI with HGH etc??

My daughter sustained a severe TBI several years ago and her symptoms have been ongoing, getting worse. She was diagnosed with hypopituitarism after the trauma, treated appx 24 mos til clinical trial shut down, and never really achieved relief of symptoms.

We are desperate to get her treated. She is so miserable..I am encountering much resistance from local docs to my requests for testing. The literture is full of evidence about TBI/pituitary dysfunction. Just an example of the response I got from a local prominent neurologist "No connection between TBI and the pituitary function, totally different animals!" REALLY???

My master's thesis was on neuro-endocrine changes in TBI and most of my sources were from Europe at that time.

Thank you for any advice...


An FNP but mom first

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